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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Show and Tell - February Auction

I love Auctions!
The research weekly in our little free newspaper, the excitement as I see one in the area that, after a quick skim, looks promising, and finally knowing that one of my weekend days is now planned after reading the complete bill.

All week long I talk about it, reread the auction bill and check out any pictures if it happens to

be with an auctioneer that has "modernized" and has a web site. I worry about how I will get home any treasures too big for my car and think about who I can borrow a truck from. Then on the morning of the event I organize my bags, grab some tools, incase I need to take anything apart, get some small bills for the possibility that I might be able to buy a treasure out of someone's "box" they didn't want and add in a book just incase there are long pauses for selling guns or coins that I just am not into. And off I go.

I always leave time to peruse the selection before the actual auction starts since these are no refined Sothebys events.

These are country estate auctions. Often boxes are loaded with anything from bottle of cleaning solutions, to rusty old huge chains, to drill presses.( what ever those are).

This was no exception. The crowd was huge. Most are just there for the entertainment. Not much to do in our rural part of Wisconsin on a long winter weekend. The only downfall for winter auctions are prices are usually higher. Everyone is waiting for Spring and haven't been to an auction all winter. Never the less I was able to scoop up a few goodies.

The amazing oil painting of the pansies will stay with me. I have wanted one for ever. However the rest will be for sale at my shop this April at my first open house of the season. Especially check out the painting of the lady and the dog. This is a watercolor from the 1930's. Beautiful isn't it?