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Monday, December 8, 2008

Show and Tell-Christmas

Well Christmas has come to the Whitford's. I finally got most of my decorating done. It had started right after Thanksgiving when my daughter was home but as these things will it did not get done. Off to her home she went with her boyfriend and Mom was left with an idea of where we were going with our decorating but no more help. Oh well it was great to have the help when she was there and some new ideas too. Check out the pics and check out all of the busy ladies at Make Mine Pink to see what great things they are up to.

Oh and you will see my very tired helper that replaced my daughter....

See you next week. kath

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Xmas At Retromantic Antiques

Christmas is coming to Retromantic Antiques and Mineral Point. After much procrastinating, research for inspiration,stressing out I finally came to my senses and called on some friends and family for help. Not something I am very good at doing. An evening of fun, creativity, and a little wine and great food from my in house caterer, and Voila! Xmas arrived! The night before Deborah and I put up a little window on the main street of my little town. Hope it will help the locals and visitors to Mineral Point know I am around and open for business. (Well once a month any way)

I will be open 2 weekends for all your vintage decorating and gifting needs. The dates are November 28 & 29, and December 6 & 7, 10-4 both days. I've included some pictures of my little window downtown,a couple of the set ups we did at the shop and one of your photography shy blogger.

Let me know what you think and I hope I will see you soon.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New look with the help of my friend

I'm sooo excited! I have the new look for my Blog I wanted! I love it. I think it reflects my antiques just perfectly. Once my Pink buddie Gail helped me figure out one little thing Voila a new blog look. It is free from the them and Gail out. Gail makes really cute jewelry so start your Xmas shopping early(along with some vintage shopping from Retromantic of course) lol.

I spent yesterday getting lots of my vintage glasses loaded on my web site. I want to get the rest loaded today and take more pictures of them for some alternate views. I am on vacation and really want to use the week to work on my business. Now that summer is over and I will be inside it's time to take it more seriously. I'm really ready for it. I am also working on a window design that I am hoping to be able to do in an open store front on our main st downtown for Xmas. This should help people find me and my little shop at my house.

Stay warm and let me know what you think of my new look. I love to hear from you. kath

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Look of Blog

So bear with me. I am trying to update the look of my Blog with this great free service I found. However there is one step I can't figure out....How do I shrink my template to Minima???? Once I get it it will be cool. Now its just a little bazaar. If anyone knows how to do this let me know....


Friday, October 17, 2008

Open this weekend for Fall Art Tour

This weekend is the Fall Art Tour Weekend in this part of the state. It is supposed to be a beautiful weekend and the artist's work is always amazing so it is a great event and always a good way to start getting ideas for Christmas and support local artisans.

So in honor of this I want to do my first Special! All glasses will be 20% off this Saturday and Sunday. Check out some of the selection above and below. There is something that will fit any Vintage,Retro, or Shabby table setting. There are more I couldn't get on here. Must be at my limit for a blog post???. Any questions leave me a comment or of course come on in this weekend. I will be open 10-5 both days. kath

Monday, October 13, 2008

Some Fall Fun Shopping

The weather is amazing here now. It is in the high 70's?! Unheard of around here by the middle of October. I made the best of it by shopping. I hit an estate sale on my lunch on Friday and then on Sunday we kept up a family tradition by going to Gays Mills for Apples. Gays Mills is in a beautiful area of Wisconsin with rolling hills all in their Fall glory and apple orchards everywhere.

We hit our favorite one They have everything you could ever want and more. The apple donuts are to die for and warm from the oven....

On the way through the city of Gays Mills we noticed a green house/floral shop advertising vintage and antiques. Sooo of course after our apple adventure we popped on in. SCORE! It was a space that was using the green houses for antique mall space after the growing season was over. So smart.

It was down and dirty but treasures everywhere. Here are a couple of pictures of both of the shopping trips. I am cleaning them up and adding them to my shop for the upcoming Fall Art Tour this weekend.

Hope to see you there or as ever if you see anything here you would like to purchase just pop me a note and we help you out.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Show and Tell

I have had so much fun today! I had a fairly free day and after reading some VERY inspirational Blogs I went to work on my shop. Halloween is starting. I may be a little late but I figure its a month and a half away. Check out my pics.I wasn't able to have my open house this Saturday but after having so much fun today I have decided I am going to do an evening open house this month on the last thursday in September.
Edited to change the open house date. Now Oct 2nd. 5:30 - 8.

hope to see lots of you on thursday. kath

Red wine and chocolate treats I think to go with the Holiday. All Hallows Eve has never been my favorite but I think I may be changing my mind. What do you think? Leave me a note and tell how you like my little nod to the creepies.....kath

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Show and Tell Monday

I am finally getting it together to do a Show and Tell along with many of the great ladies at Make Mine This way we share with each other and all of you what we are working on. I had my August Open House on Saturday. Thanks to all of you that stopped on by. I have added lots of great linens, and a fall feeling is starting to creep in. Enjoy the pictures, and if you are near Mineral Point WI. Saturday, Sept 6 stop by and check us out. We will be having our Sept Open House then. We are at 319 n chestnut st. As always, if you see anything you would like, but can't make it in, pop me a note, or make a comment here and we'll make arrangements to get it to you.
Later, kath

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Focus on Linens

It's time for the August Open House. It will be this Saturday August 16th from 10-5. I have a bunch of new linens and textiles for you to see and add to your collection or even start a new one. Wait until you see the Victorian unmentionables I found. I'll post some pictures in the morning. I've done some new set ups so those are always fun.

See you on Saturday.