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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Look of Blog

So bear with me. I am trying to update the look of my Blog with this great free service I found. However there is one step I can't figure out....How do I shrink my template to Minima???? Once I get it it will be cool. Now its just a little bazaar. If anyone knows how to do this let me know....



gail said...

Hi Kath,, I saw your twitter post and wanted to see if you got your blog all dolled upl LOL It looks like you solved your problem, and it looks great. I have one of their templates for Halloween on my blog,,, very fun... Happy creating, gail

Lisa said...


Love the polka dots!

Your doing a great job.


Susan said...

I have not had luck with the non blogger templates...I applaud your attempt to work with it!
Susan *dutchrose*

Patricia said...

Can't help you sweetie, I don't even understand the question!


gail said...

Hi Kath,, Mine was already in the mininma format. You can set that by going into blogger and editing the page style. there is several styles blogger offers, but for this to work I guess you want to make sure this one is checked. After that I just went to the new page I wanted and clicked onto that and copy the html code and then went to blogger and clicked onto add a gadget. Then select the page where you can add html code. then paste the code in the big box and save. It worked ok on its own? I hope this made some sense. Once you do it, its super easy, but I struggle with directions because I am so tech challenged! Let me know. gail

Cottage Flair said...

I can't help with the tech stuff but I love the polka dots.

Debbie said...

Hi Kath.....I looked at doing that once myself and didnt'! lol Your blog looks great though. :)


Inka Thomas said...

Hey Kath,
I like the polka dots and ribbon too! I admire you for tackling such a project. I have to get my son to do mine!

gail said...

Hi Kath,,, I am home from work and had a look, you may already have done this, but the first step is to going into blogger dashboard, into Layout and the click the tab that says "choose a new template". Once it is open, the very first template is minima. Click on the top bullet and save. I hope this is just the piece missing for ya. Keep me posted...gail

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

OH oh oh I applaud you for trying and being so brave ! I am a total 'puter gumby :))


Susie said...

Hi Kath! Boy you are adventurous! It is looking great!!!
Susie of The Polka Dot Rose

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

Hi kath,

I love the background you have chosen for the blog. So cute and pretty!! Can't wait to see the entire layout!

Pei Li

Paige Thomas King said...

so where did you find the free template? my sister is looking for something new.
i love the look of your blog.