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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Show and Tell

I have had so much fun today! I had a fairly free day and after reading some VERY inspirational Blogs I went to work on my shop. Halloween is starting. I may be a little late but I figure its a month and a half away. Check out my pics.I wasn't able to have my open house this Saturday but after having so much fun today I have decided I am going to do an evening open house this month on the last thursday in September.
Edited to change the open house date. Now Oct 2nd. 5:30 - 8.

hope to see lots of you on thursday. kath

Red wine and chocolate treats I think to go with the Holiday. All Hallows Eve has never been my favorite but I think I may be changing my mind. What do you think? Leave me a note and tell how you like my little nod to the creepies.....kath


Lisa said...


Love the black rat! Very creepy and cool.


Cottage Flair said...

Nice display job. Perfect for the occasion. Open house is a great idea.

cathy said...

Too cool! Looks pretty creepy to me. I love it!

Patricia said...

Great display--the mannequin remiinds me of the movie Beetlejuice. The rat is a great touch!


gail said...

Hi Kath,,, I love your Halloween displays. The typewriter with the rat friend is too cute. I love Halloween. Its all about make believe and just having fun. Happy creating...(())gail

Inka Thomas said...

Yea, the typewriter and rat is my favorite too!

Shabby Shan said...

I love your Halloween display! It is so spooky!

Shabby Shan's Cottage

Shell said...

Yep, looks creepy alright. Great job.

Susan said...

Always fun to see what treasures others are finding...I love old typewriters!
Susan *dutchrose*

Carrie Gonzalez said...

Great display, I love Halloween and your decorations are wonderful! Thanks for shaing.

Bake Me A Cake! said...

I love your blog! You've got some cool antiques. : )


jane said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun! Love the rat and the spine. Well, not really, but I DO love the effect. Having your open house at night is perfect for the occasion. It all looks great! xo Jane

Carolee Crafts said...

Sending shivers down my spine aleady a good job.

Roxie said...

Love the displays. Look at that old typewriter, I'd say you did a great job decorating for the season.
Spooky! LOL

Auntie Joy said...

Thanks for leaving the comment, its nice to know I'm not the only one that struggles with all the details that go into having a "little show"... Your postcards a few posts ago look wonderful!

Nancy at ManicForMosaics said...

How cool is that! Remember to have frozen grapes (eyes), cold spaghetti (worms) and jello (guts) for all the ghosts & goblins!

High Desert Diva said...

Love those bottles...and the rat!

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