Monday, January 6, 2014

What is more seductive then a new year?

Wow I haven't posted since July???? How did that happen?

Well my wholesale business with Molly; Images Stitchery Design is going well and takes much of my free time, (that is good I know), we moved our home twice this year, our shop twice, we had a much loved dog die, several months later we rescued a new one (did I mention he is a LARGE puppy?), we listed our house, looked for new ones, had it sold (which would have had us move right before Christmas) and then it fell through, and we hosted Thanksgiving for 25 and Christmas for 8 and had another party in there somewhere....Wow. So I guess that is why I am tired....

But now I am ready to start fresh. Take care of me, my home and family, and these 2 great businesses.

Molly and I are still trying to figure out how to work Retromantic into the Images mix. I will basically be handling Retro in my free time. Right now that means ETSY. I am going to try and add lots more items there and really dig into it. We were in a Flea Market space for awhile and that just didn't seem right. We did the NaDa sale last Spring and were planning on doing the fall one and then Spring again but they canceled the fall and are selling the farm so that is out. We really want to do something local.

Something fun but worth it. Something pretty. Not so sure about having the events here at my home. So as you can see we have lots to think about. But in the mean time watch our ETSY site. Oh as usual if you are looking for something let me know and I'll see if we have it.

Here are just some pretty things that are getting me through this crazy cold weather. Some are mine and some inspiration. Enjoy


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