Monday, January 6, 2014

What is more seductive then a new year?

Wow I haven't posted since July???? How did that happen?

Well my wholesale business with Molly; Images Stitchery Design is going well and takes much of my free time, (that is good I know), we moved our home twice this year, our shop twice, we had a much loved dog die, several months later we rescued a new one (did I mention he is a LARGE puppy?), we listed our house, looked for new ones, had it sold (which would have had us move right before Christmas) and then it fell through, and we hosted Thanksgiving for 25 and Christmas for 8 and had another party in there somewhere....Wow. So I guess that is why I am tired....

But now I am ready to start fresh. Take care of me, my home and family, and these 2 great businesses.

Molly and I are still trying to figure out how to work Retromantic into the Images mix. I will basically be handling Retro in my free time. Right now that means ETSY. I am going to try and add lots more items there and really dig into it. We were in a Flea Market space for awhile and that just didn't seem right. We did the NaDa sale last Spring and were planning on doing the fall one and then Spring again but they canceled the fall and are selling the farm so that is out. We really want to do something local.

Something fun but worth it. Something pretty. Not so sure about having the events here at my home. So as you can see we have lots to think about. But in the mean time watch our ETSY site. Oh as usual if you are looking for something let me know and I'll see if we have it.

Here are just some pretty things that are getting me through this crazy cold weather. Some are mine and some inspiration. Enjoy


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Getting it all together

So we are finally moved back to Mineral Point where we belong! The new business Images Stitchery Design is up and flourishing, the houses (Molly and Kath's) are getting put together and now it is time to get Retromantic Antiques up and running. Well over half of the inventory is now in Kath's basement where we will be holding pop - up events hopefully starting in August. While the pictures just show a disaster you know us...we can create fun and beauty from almost anything:).

We will still need to do one more trip with our trusty trailer to storage to get the rest and then full speed ahead. Watch Facebook and here for details and sneak peaks coming soon.

Oh and by the way has anyone seen our crock pot???Obviously at least one personal box is hiding among the inventory.


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Na Da Sale

Well that was fun.....I just posted about our event at Na Da and then deleted it by mistake. Sure can tell I  haven't used Blogger for awhile. Ok so here we go again....

Well we finally did it! We participated in our first juried Fancy Flea. We have been talking about it for a couple of years now. I have been following them across the country via blogs and facebook and thinking it looks like so much fun, would we fit in, would the customer "get" us, and of course buy what we have to offer? Well the answer is YES to all. Friday morning bright and early Molly and I picked up our van, headed to our temporary storage area in a near by town and loaded up. Earlier in the week we had done a dry run and then did some last minute refining and even painting a few things. 

our initial set up
Our fav dress form with a flapper bra and apron
The 2 hour trip went well and soon we were pulling into the beautiful Na Da farm. It was all we hoped, picturesque, and teaming with vendors, trucks and trailers, kids and animals. We had 5 hours before the gates would open so we were feeling good. We had chosen a space in the barn thinking it might still be cold and rainy in May. The days were actually fairly nice but very windy so we were happy with our decision. Our space was perfect for us.

our space friday night
We proceeded to unload and set up while sneaking peaks at all of the beautiful booths around us. So many of the names we admire and read about on blogs. How exciting! While we found we needed everyone of those 5 hours we ended up happy with our space.
Ladies having fun

The gates were opened at 5 and instantly the barn was mobbed! It was so fun and exciting. The shoppers were all so great and loved everything. We think we found our people:) After a crazy 3 hours it was a quick but great Mexican dinner and back to the hotel. 

We loved the painted galvanize containers
Our friend Jeanine's booth
We were back at Na Da by 8 the next morning. We had lots of reworking to do (thank you ladies) we had sold a cupboard and lots of smalls. While we were able to fill in and had brought extra things for this we were a little sparse on Saturday. We still had a great day. The crowds was still great but a little more relaxed. We learned so much and had so much fun. 
Color was everywhere

cottage industry
Everyone was so great and sweet. We can't wait to go back this fall! 

Watch for our next event in July. We head north to Door County. 

our neighbor booth

Thanks to all the Vendors that were so welcoming, to all the great shoppers and mostly to Anne Marie and her family for hosting such a great event! See you soon.

kath and molly

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Keep on Dreaming

I have been a long time believer in the Secret, positive thoughts, thoughts become things,etc. I am here to tell you it is all true. I am living a life I have long dreamed of, but for years didn't really think I would ever get to. After my change of employment I really started focusing on those long held dreams. Without knowing how, where, or with whom, I just put it all out there and out of the blue it has all come true....Ok, ok enough with my deep ramblings, on to shopping for the Holidays!

Molly and I have been working day and night (ok not night, we are both early birds) getting La Bella Vita/Retromantics ready for the Holidays. If I say so myself it is looking outstanding. There are gift ideas for all of your lovers of fibres and fripperies, and looks we can help you replicate at home.

We are holding classes every Sunday afternoon, 1 to 4, starting the 28 and continuing until Dec 19 to help you have a Homespun Upcycled Holiday season. Think English styled crackers, felted ornaments, vintage paper wrapped ornaments, recycled cuffs; cute, easy to do in one afternoon, and will add that personal touch to your gifts and decorations, that we are all wanting to add at the Holidays.

We have also added a couple of great lines of bath indulgences and amazing smelling candles. Fabulous holiday presents or hostess gifts.

Not to forget...Dec 4 is Mineral Point's Candlelight shopping evening. Galleries and Shops are open late and will greet you with festive food and drink. The town is lined with luminaries, chestnuts roasting, carolers, and just an amazing feeling of history, holidays gone by, and good will to men,(and of course women;).

So in this season of magic, keep on dreaming.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Life after Corporations

Just a short post to catch up....After what was basically 3 months of watching TV, grieving, and healing, life just flung open a door, shut off the TV and said GET GOING!

So much has happened in the last 2 weeks my head is still spinning. I think most of you know about how the talented and lovely Molly invited me to grow the Vintage business with her at her shop and gave me her back room to play in; however with her help, and boundless enthusiasm I am now expanding to her next door neighbor.

Starting this weekend I am opening the doors of Arkiteks Salvage most weekends until the end of the year. The equally lovely Arlene (and Frank) have graciously asked me to join them in the operating of their Amazing architectural salvage business! Retromantic Antiques will moving there bit by bit over the next few months. We are still working out the details but the building will be a meld of all 3 businesses. A full roll out will happen in the spring.

We have been working our butts off this last couple of weeks to get ready for the Fall Art Tour this weekend so if you get a chance come on by and say hi. Pics and more details later.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Surprise

So I am VERY happy to announce I now have a presence in Downtown Mineral Point! Lovely M0lly Walz from the always cool and fun La Bella Vita Fibre Gallery has invited me to join her. I will be in the back room with a some contributions from other Vintage lovers. Retromantic will be the main inventory there and I get to style/design the room to my hearts content.

I will still have my cozy little shop at my home and be open Thursdays through Sundays but I get to help Molly out down at her shop too! So there may be times that you will see a sign at my home that reads "at La Bella Vita". Head on down the hill if you do.

I am also adding some bath and beauty items so watch for those in the next week or so. I am really excited about all of this and hope to see all of you soon. Check out the pics from the space at La Bella Vita. I took them really quick not wanting to disturb all the customers so watch for more pics later.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Renewel of Spirit

I don't know about you, but the summer here this year has been draining. The heat and humidity that we have had virtually all summer along with my extreme change of lifestyle has been challenging. I HATE heat and have never been home all day every day.....

While my time home has been healing it has still been, (and still is) a huge change. But...along with the cooler temperature, and beautiful fall light, comes a lightness of spirit I have been waiting for. I am ready to redecorate my home and of course my shop RETROMANTIC ANTIQUES.

I have been gradually editing my home. As I let go of the negative energy I had been inundated with for so long at work, I am finding I want to also let go of some of the fussiness in my home. It is becoming lighter, cleaner, more focused. Pics to come in the coming weeks. I have also been working on a HUGE project in my kitchen. I am now on floor excavation part II. It is slow going and very hard on my hands and arms. Again pics to come. I know the project and aching knuckles will be worth it.

But back to the shop. I have been refining some ideas I've had for the shop this morning and the pics are just the beginning. Ideas and great stuff to cosy up your nest are being designed and set up.

I know I have been open a little haphazardly the last couple of weeks and I apologize if you have stopped by only to find me closed. To tell the truth that will be happening again this weekend. I am spending time with family before everyone gets so busy with School, and life.

Sorry this has been so rambling but welcome to my brain! lol. Back to the shop and to enjoy this GREAT weather. I will be open all day today(friday) Saturday morning, Sunday by chance. Regular hours starting again next week.