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Saturday, July 18, 2009

I love Tara Frey's new book

So I had to share my glee. I have added a banner to my blog of MY photography and even did the same for my web site. Now I am not saying the photography is that great but I am feeling very proud of myself for doing it and I owe it all to Tara and her great new book!

Now next I need to read about simple html and try a couple of other things she writes about, and I'm only half way through the book! Yah!

You know when you really want to do something, research it, try to figure it out and it just doesn't happen? I end feeling so frustrated, dumb, and even old. So today I am feeling smart and even a little younger! Wow all from a book about blogging. So I hope you like my new banner and check out Tara's blog and book.


Edited to add. So I just tried to link to her widget about the book and couldn't do it....back to k


Anonymous said...


I love your new banner, it's fantastic!

Enjoy the afternoon.


Lynette Larson - Campbell said...

Kath the banner looks great! Read the book and tell me all I need to know! ;)

Lynette Larson - Campbell said...

PS I am having fun playing with your cat, LOLLLLL!

Carolee Crafts said...

The new banner looks good and I agree when you can learn something new it is always great. Never too old to learn.

Susie said...

Hi Kath! Boy I know just how you feel! I call it my DUH moments. I'll have to take a peek at Tara's book. She amazes me. Have a wondeful creative week.
The Polka Dot Rose

Brandie said...

Tara is such an inspiration. She gets an idea and just runs with it. Good for you! I am glad that you stepped out and tried something new. i want to do that too:)

Kim Di Maggio said...

So glad to hear that. I got the book, too, but haven't had time to read it. Think I need to go grab a cup of coffee and a highlighter!


Michelle (Shell) May said...

Hey Kath! Love the banner! Oh I so want to go and get this book. On my list indeed!
bunny hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I'll have to run out and get the book if it's going to have that effect on me!

James said...

I love it when people tell me they read a good book! There are so many and I can hardly go through them all myself. Thank you! I plan on getting it and adding it to the store. Hugs, Tedi

vicki archer said...

I love your banner - it is fab. Thank you for visiting French Essence and your lovely comment...Have a happy weekend, xv.