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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lacework Pink Hand Tufted Wool Rug - Layla Grayce

Lacework Pink Hand Tufted Wool Rug - Layla Grayce

This is it. The perfect rug for my bedrooms new design! I just found it and am in love. Now for finding the drapes.

Ok, just had to share.

love ya,


Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'm back and Retromantic Antiques takes it on the Road

Well we are back from a great vacation. Lots of fun in the sun. If you are looking for a great vacation at the beach check out the Gulf Shores. Not extremely built up and commercialized,great food and really nice people. I highly recommend it and we will be going back.

Now for the exciting news!!! Retromantic Antiques will be moving for the weekend to High Street Mineral Point. I am very excited. Jennifer at the Old Royal Inn is setting up an Antique and Flea market on the first floor of her beautiful building so we can all join into the Fall Art Tour It is a great event and I am just thrilled to be able to be involved.

The Old Royal Inn is half way up on High Street so just in the middle of it all. I start setting up Tuesday and (for a change) will take pictures of the process.

Hope you can all make it!

later, kath

Monday, October 5, 2009

Taking a Week Off

Now I'm sure my readers you are wondering off from what because I sure never get around to posting weekly here. I tell myself I will and I wish I did but I just am not there yet. Anyhoo, I am taking a week off from the job, the animals, the antiques, dishes, cleaning, reality really.

Saturday we hopped in the car bright and early, dropped off Sam at a friends,(thanks Sharon) and headed south. One uneventful night in a hotel in Nashville and then back on the road. We are now in Gulf Shores Alabama. It is warm, still dark but we have a condo over looking the ocean. It is wild this morning. The condo is great and so far so good.

There is rain in the forcast every day but I am sure it won't be every day all day.These pictures are from the resorts web site but are acurate. I found them by asking on Twitter! I love when the Universe is aligned!

My Big Guy and I needed this. He has had a very stressful time with a job he really doesn't like and I have had lots of stress (all good) at work lately. But all is on the upswing. But that is for another post.

I am off to listen to the waves.

Later, Gaters.