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Monday, March 8, 2010

Good Weekend

I had such a nice weekend. My Daughter, her BF, my hubby and I went to Ikea and Woodfield mall and out to an AMAZING dinner at Rosebud The best Italian food I have had in years. Sorry no pics, way to dark and romantic in there for that.

Then right before we went into the wildness that is IKEA on a Saturday afternoon I got a call from my friend Jen, who was watching my booth, that I sold a big piece of furniture and a great huge cherub lamp I had in my Saturday Flea space. YIPEE!!! I really didn't want to have to move all of those great pieces back home once the Flea is over at the end of March. All of my furniture is 15% off until the end of March so if you have had your eye on something now's the time!

It just feels like change is in the air doesn't it? Is it Spring coming, or the light changing, or even articles talking about the economy getting better? I don't know, or even really care, I just need a change, an oomph, a shot of adrenaline, a kick in the as# or something. It has been a looong February that's all I know.

I am still trying to decide on my calendar for the upcoming season and I know, I know, its time to figure it out. Soon I promise. What is that term the Victorians used, ennui? I think I caught it. Could it have been trapped in some of my Victorian goodies? I think some real live sunshine will kick it out and that seems to be appearing more and more every day, so I can only hope.

OK, so enough whining and rambling. Let's dream of flowers, creativity flowing from our fingertips, and lots of sales of antiques. I included some pics of flowers from my garden last year. I just need a weekend digging in the dirt and all will be well.



My Vintage Treasures said...

Definitely a good weekend!!!
Those are the best call to get, when you your big items sell. Those are my favorite calls for sure :)

Jill said...

Sounds like my idea of a good weekend to me, too, a good Italian dinner and a big sale. Right up my alley. And with thoughts of flowers dancing in my head.

Thanks for taking part in the French vintage poster giveaway.

Très bonne chance!