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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Our trip to Iowa

Yesterday BE and I took a day trip to Iowa.

It was our anniversary and we decided Iowa was the most romantic place we could go...we're crazy like that. lol Anywho, we drove to Kalona. A cute little Mennonite town with a great sophisticated bistro, Tuscan Moon. We sat outside and had amazing sandwiches on cibatta bread and really great wine. Their wine list was pages long. Sorry no link I was sure they would have a web site....but if you are in that part of the country go.

But what really took us to this sweet little part of Iowa was my long desire to visit Sister's Garden and Bloom It was worth waiting for and definitely worth the drive.

It is right on hwy 1, two old buildings that are charming on their own but filled with goodies! The garden has treasures everywhere too from chairs hanging on wire to great old motel chairs. All the poor husbands hung out out there.

I however wanted to wander the 2 buildings forever. Every kind of shabby, chippy, rusty, goodie you can think of was creatively and charmingly arranged in multiple floor displays. Mixed in were lots of great smelling candles and soaps.

Can you tell I LOVED it? I am so inspired! Sometimes having my little shop in my home can kind of feel like a vacuum so it was great to see such creativity in work.

I hope to get back yet this fall. I wish I could go visit every week!

After that we wandered around Iowa City. What a great little city. Cute shops and pubs. I'm sure in a couple of weeks when the students are all back it will be hopping.

Dinner was at CiboFusion in Cedar Rapids. Again amazing fresh interesting menu and a great atmosphere. All in all a very enjoyable day. Day trips can be the most fun we find. Discover some new spots and still be home to sleep in your own bed. So goes another glamorous day in the life of Kath and Brad....Glamour is so over rated.


p.s. all images are from the Sisters Bloom blog.

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The Polka Dot Closet said...

What a great day! Oh I would have liked to wonder with you. 2 buildings full of treasures! I am originally form Minnesota, so have been to Iowa many times, it is a cute state. I heard your having kind of a warm spell right now! Happy anniversary