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Monday, May 31, 2010

Letting in Joy

I recently have realized that I have not been following my loves, my joys, and all that makes me feel like me. While I firmly believe a person only lets in what they want circumstances creeped up on me over the last year so insidiously that it took a strong shake up of part of my world for me to recognize what has been going on.

I am not trying to be mysterious, I just need to be protective right now.

But while to try and make sense of it all and figure out how I got to where I am I came to the realization that I have let joy and beauty go in my life. Not huge earth shattering projects but little things.

So starting today I am not only going to get it back (while working on the "big" problem) but I want to start sharing this experience with you all. I think too often we think it is all or nothing. That our homes, our bodies, our lives need to be like all the tv shows, magazine pages,catalogs, or even the beautiful blogs we see daily. While they are all aspirational, we need to take them for what they are. The best of the best and sometimes only an illusion. I have been in the fashion/catalog business for 25 years and let me tell you there is lots of illusion out there and often it is not nice or pretty how those images get to you.

But I digress. Lets try for moments of beauty and joy today and as many days as we can. I'll share mine and I would love for you to share yours. Starting today.


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Relics said...

Wow Kathy- you couldn't have said it better.