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Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Focus on Freedom and Fun

Well as of Today June 10th 2010 I am focusing on Antiques! Retromantic Antiques is now open at my Home, Thursday - Sunday; 11 - 6. I put in a new window display downtown Mineral Point, I'm letting all my Facebook Fans and the merchants know, and now all you. Is it all perfect? HELL NO! Does it look great? YUP. I want this to be fun. For me and definitely for YOU my customers! No more judgments, no more stress, no more working my ass off for someone else! YIPEE!!!

As you may have noticed I will be open 4 days a week. This is part of my new plan of working 4 days a week going forward. Jealous? I know I always was of anyone who worked less then I did and on top of it seemed to be having a good time. So come on over, check out the pretties, hang out in the garden and if it is the right time of day maybe have a cocktail...

I am not guaranteeing I will always be there those hours but pretty damn close, so if you are coming from a distance or just want to make sure give me a call. 987-3056.

Oh I was going to say sorry but I'm not....I get to swear when I want to now too...I promise to not do it in front of your little kids, but really who brings little kids to an Antique shop? ;)kath


jane said...

My goodness!! Swearing! Working four days a week! For yourself! Having fun! I say, "good for you!" (except the swearing part :-) you know me)

I will definitely be visiting your store - yes, on my lunch hour!

I'm very envious of and happy for YOU!

See you soon!

Michella said...

Hi Kath :)) Congratulations on your new endeavor!! I pray it will be more successful than you ever could imagine!! :))
I had a shop but had to close when my aunt was diagnosed with cancer and now we have custody of our two grandbabies (2 years and 8 months)So for now I am working on opening an online shop through my blog (which is what I should have done from day one!!) But I LOVED having my shop :)) I met some of the sweetest people ever!! I do plan on having a shop again one day, but for now and online shop will suffice. But I am still meeting some very SWEET people :)) Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your kind words :)) Learning all this blog stuff is hard work!! I am pretty new at this but if you need any help just let me know :) I would be happy to share my new found "tricks" with you LOL!!
Have a wonderful day and good luck on your new store :))
Your new friend and follower,
~ Michella ~
~ ~ xoxo ~ ~